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Red Light Therapy

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CryoLuxe now offers Red Light Therapy treatments at the following locations:

  • Chicago

  • Mokena

These beds offer a slew of benefits including:

  • Reduces Signs of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, & Age Spots

  • Improves Acne and Scars

  • Minimizes Stretch Marks and Cellulite

  • Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation

  • Improves Skin Coloration and Complexion

  • Improves Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Nerve Pain

  • Tightens Skin

Get Unlimited Treatments for just $29.99 a month or add it on to any existing monthly cryo package for only $10 more!

CryoLuxe offers red light therapy at 4 of their Chicagoland locations, benefits include reduced muscle pain, improved blood circulation, reduced age spots and wrinkles.